Top Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips For Enhanced Fire Safety in Your Perth Home


As much as it is important to have a smoke alarm installation in your Perth home, regular servicing and maintenance of these smoke alarms are equally important. Deaths caused by house fires often occur due to the inefficiency of smoke detectors and are easily avoidable by putting a little effort into their maintenance and testing.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services suggests a smoke alarm maintenance routine to protect your house and loved ones in the event of a fire. Take a look:

Monthly Testing

Although not mandatory, it is good to test your smoke alarms at least once a month. To make sure the alarm sounders and the batteries are operating, press the test button for about 5 seconds till you hear the beep. If the alarm beeps, it indicates that it is working properly. If it doesn’t beep, you might need to change the batteries and then test it again.

Those with hard-wired smoke alarms installed on their Perth property can also follow the same method to test their alarms. If they don’t hear the beep, a smoke alarm electrician should be engaged ASAP.

If the alarm is not easily accessible, you can push the button using a long rod. Just be careful while using the rod or otherwise, it could damage the alarm.

Biannual Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your smoke detectors helps improve their efficiency. Clean the vents of your smoke alarms using a soft vacuum brush after every six months. This is how you can effectively remove any dirt, dust, and cobwebs building inside the alarms. If you notice any mould growth, clean it immediately before it damages your units.

The next crucial step in your biannual cleaning schedule is to use an insect killer spray all around the installation to keep them from entering your smoke alarms. Don’t forget to cover the alarm while spraying, so the spray doesn’t get inside it.

Yearly Maintenance

Make sure to replace the batteries of your smoke alarms once every year. Some smoke alarms come with non-replaceable batteries, so you’ll need to check the instruction manual before changing the battery.

If you chose a hard-wired smoke detector installation for your Perth home, it often comes with a ten-year shelf life and requires replacement after that. Some units have a replacement date mentioned on them while many latest models give distinct signals when they are close to reaching their expiration date. If you are not conscious about replacing your smoke alarms on time, they may stop working without any prior warning bringing many precious lives at stake.

Smoke Alarm Installation Near Me

When it comes to your family’s safety, the risk is not worth taking. However, since lives are getting busier with every passing day, it becomes difficult to keep up with a regular smoke alarm maintenance schedule. Therefore, it is ideal to maintain a checklist for monthly and periodic testing of your alarms. Alternatively, a reliable smoke alarm installer like Hiscocks Electrical can help you with all your smoke alarm needs.

From fire alarm installation and testing the smoke detectors for performance and efficiency, to offering smoke alarm replacement for Perth homes, we provide a dependable service ensuring maximum safety against house fires.

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