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Scalable solutions for any size building.

An alarm can be a powerful and effective means of scaring off an intruder. Whether you are requiring this feature for a residential or commercial setting, our expert installers are here to help.

Things to consider when installing security alarms:

  • How many zones will be monitored?
  • Do they need separate monitoring/triggering?
  • Where do the sensors need to be placed for maximum security?
  • How will access be controlled –  key code, fob or card?
  • How will the system be controlled?
  • How will you be notified when an alarm goes off?
  • Do you need 24 hour monitoring or will you be the first responder?

These are all questions that we can help you answer. With years of experience setting up and configuring security alarms, you can put your safety in our hands. Our qualified technicians hold a Security Installers Licenses, and are licensed to install products that protect your most personal information.

There are so many options available these days, many with smartphone capabilities. This can give you the added peace of mind knowing you can be notified anytime, anywhere.

Some of our premier security alarm systems:

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

Our qualified and licensed electricians are committed to providing top quality work. 

We guarantee our client will be more than satisfied with our services.

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