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Hiscocks Electrical

MDV air conditioners


  • Gold fin Coil Protection – Indoor & Outdoor
  • Quiet Operation
  • Auto Restart Last Memory
  • LED Indoor Display
  • Anti Cold Air
  • Remote Control
  • Sleep Mode
  • Mute Operation
  • Timer Mode
  • Electronic Diagnosis
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • DRED Function
  • Optional WI-FI
  • Optional Wired Controllers
  • Optional Remote On/Off

MDV 2.5 kw

This is the smallest unit we offer.

NOTE: Installation price based on a back to back installation at ground level, single story property.


MDV 3.5 kw

NOTE: Installation price based on a back to back installation at ground level, single story property.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

HIGH POWER OPERATION – Provides 15mins of boosted power allowing you to quickly heat or cool your home before returning to normal operation.

LED BRIGHTNESS CONTROL- Adjust the brightness of the LED display on the indoor unit to minimise disturbance and ensure a good nights sleep.

3D AUTO MODE- Activates three independent motors which deliver an effective and efficient airflow throughout the room.

CLEAN AIR TECHNOLOGY- Captures and neutralises fine smoke particles,
allergens, odours bacteria and viruses while
also inhibiting growth of mould within the unit*

Mitsubishi 2.0 kw


Mitsubishi 2.5Kw


Mitsubishi 3.5 Kw


Mitsubishi 9.5 Kw


Haier Air Conditioners

COLD EXPANSION TECHNOLOGY- Frost on the evaporator or condenser generates cold expansion force to remove most dirt from
the surface, and help keep the air from your Tempo clean

EXPRESS WASHING TECHNOLOGY-Hydrophilic aluminium is placed at a 5° angle, for increased water drainage efficiency

ANTI BACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY-Aluminium fins in the Tempo have a special coating containing silver nano particles that can
kill bacteria and inhibit further bacterial growth on the surface of the heat exchanger.

CONTINUOUSLY CLEAN AIR – With a push of a button your Tempo initiates Self-clean, reducing dust and bacteria

MAINTAINS ENERGY EFFICIENCY- Self-clean technology maximises performance efficiency
by keeping its heat exchanger clean.

Haier 2.5Kw


Haier 3.5Kw


Haier 5.0Kw


Haier 7.0Kw


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