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Smoke Alarm Installation Specialists in Perth

Need a Professional Smoke Alarm Installer for Your Perth Home or Business?

As part of the latest WA Building Regulations, all residential properties are required to have mains powered smoke alarms for enhanced safety against house fires. So if you are buying, selling or renting a house, make sure to hire a reliable expert for smoke detector replacement in Perth to check smoke detector installation throughout the premises.

At Hiscocks Electrical, our smoke alarm electrician can ensure your family, property, and tenants remain safe from potential fire hazards with a high-quality, efficient and affordable fire alarm installation, starting from just $160.

We can install hardwired smoke alarms in Perth, test your existing smoke alarms, and also replace faulty or expired smoke alarms. After completion of every job, we conduct a final safety test and then provide a compliance certificate to verify the new installation or upgrade.

Budget Smoke Alarm Installation

We like to give our customers the freedom to choose what best suits their needs. So if you only require the basic smoke detector installation, we have the most suitable option available for you. These are mains-powered smoke alarms with a 9 volt battery backup, covered by a quality guarantee from Hiscocks Electrical.

Our trusted smoke alarm brands include: 

Premium Smoke Alarms in Perth

If you are looking for a low-maintenance hardwired smoke alarm installation, our premium smoke detector package is designed for you. It includes mains-powered smoke detectors with a 10-year rechargeable lithium battery, so you don’t need to worry about replacing the battery after every 6 months.

How Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need in My Perth House?

The number of smoke alarms you require depends on the design of your property – the number of bedrooms and their location, and whether your home is single or multi-story. Our professional fire alarm installers consider all these factors before proceeding with the installation.

For more information, contact our friendly electrician for smoke detectors. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Cost to Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors:

These prices for smoke alarms supply and installation are inclusive of GST.

1 x Budget Smoke Alarm Installationfrom $281.72 per Smoke Alarm
2 or more Budget Smoke Alarms Installationfrom $253.07 per Smoke Alarm
1 x Premium Smoke Alarm Installationfrom $287.48 per Smoke Alarm
2 or more Premium Smoke Alarm Installationfrom $265.02 per Smoke Alarm
We don’t ask for any additional charges and also provide an Electrical Safety Certificate with all new smoke alarm installations.

Discounted Package for Smoke Alarm and RCD Installation:

We have designed discounted packages, so you can pair your hardwired smoke alarms with RCD installation for enhanced safety and maximum savings.

These prices are for smoke alarms with RCD safety switches, and are inclusive of GST.

1 x Budget Smoke Alarm and 1 x RCD Installation=$520
1 x Premium Smoke Alarm and 1 x RCD Installation=$555
1 x Budget Smoke Alarm and 2 x RCDs Installation=$680
1 x Premium Smoke Alarm and 2 x RCDs Installation=$710
2 x Budget Smoke Alarms and 1 x RCD Installation=$695
2 x Premium Smoke Alarms and 1 x RCD Installation=$740
2 x Budget Smoke Alarms and 2 x RCDs Installation=$810
2 x Premium Smoke Alarms and 2 x RCDs Installation=$890
As part of our essential safety protocol, we perform RCD and smoke detector testing after the installation is completed, followed by providing a Compliance Certificate.

Smoke Detector Inspection Experts

Are you selling, renting, or just moved into your new home and want to be sure it is safe and complies with industry regulations?

Schedule a comprehensive test and inspection for $181.5 (inc GST & Safety Certificate). We will inspect your property, test the existing smoke detectors, and suggest a replacement if the current installation is non-compliant.

(This is useful if you are selling a property and want to ensure everything is up-to-date, as a safety certificate is a prerequisite for the sale).

Cost of Faulty or Outdated Smoke Alarm Replacement in Perth:

If you already have a wired mains-powered smoke alarm that needs replacement, we can even do that for you.

1 x Budget Smoke Alarm Replacementfrom $225.52 per Smoke Alarm
2 or more Budget Smoke Alarms Replacementfrom $147.87 per Smoke Alarm
1 x Premium Smoke Alarm Replacementfrom $234.85 per Smoke Alarm
2 or more Premium Smoke Alarm Replacementfrom $157.03 per Smoke Alarm

How Often Should Smoke Detectors be Replaced?

According to WA fire safety regulations, all smoke and fire alarms in Perth need replacement after every 10 years, even if they are hardwired (mains powered), or still in working order. For further queries and advice on smoke detectors, or to book a replacement, feel free to talk to our certified fire alarm installers in Perth.

Contact us now. 

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

Our qualified and licensed electricians are committed to providing top quality work. 

We guarantee our client will be more than satisfied with our services.

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