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CCTV InstallationS in Perth and Surrounds

All Angles Covered

Whether you are a business looking to ensure a safe and secure working environment, or a homeowner wanting to add an extra level of security, home CCTV in Perth is a timeless option. With both hardwired and wireless options now available, there is a CCTV solution to suit all building types.

Whether you need to get a system hardwired in, or to ensure a strong wifi connection to get the most out of your cloud based system, the team at Hiscocks Electrical has the experience you need. You can rest assured knowing that your CCTV system was installed with expert care and your security will not be compromised.

License Requirements

To install, maintain or repair security alarms and CCTV security systems in Western Australia, both a Security Installer and Security Consultants licenses are required. Holding these licenses ensures that our security camera installers in Perth have the skills and ability to work on security systems without causing harm or hazard. Since the nature of security is incredibly confidential, it is important to enlist a professional when servicing with the electronics that capture and store your private data.

DIY vs a Perth CCTV Installation Specialist

While installing a DIY CCTV system might seem straightforward, it is not an exercise to be toyed with by inexperienced hands.

Reasons to go with a professional include the following:

  • Most DIY systems are manufactured for home use, not commercial or business
  • DIY footage/audio might not be accepted in some legal settings
  • Access to better quality devices which provide high quality visuals (especially important at nighttime)
  • Industrial quality devices are able to withstand the elements
  • Professional home security camera installation in Perth ensures all necessary angles are covered
  • Professional systems have quality management software
  • Your professional CCTV camera installer can recommend a system that can integrate into your smart home and other systems

If you are considering CCTV camera installation in Perth, security is obviously your top priority. Enlisting a licensed professional will guarantee your CCTV system is installed to maximise security, and be effective if a scenario should ever arise and you require the footage for legal reasons. It can be integrated into other security solutions as well, such as access control and alarm systems.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Our CCTV installers in Perth have CCTV solutions to suit both residential and business use.

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

Our qualified and licensed electricians are committed to providing top quality work. 

We guarantee our client will be more than satisfied with our services.

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