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We have been in the industry for over 20 years

Our director, Darren has been in the electrical industry for a long time. Originating from the United Kingdom, Darren set out early in his career with the intention of not only mastering his trade, but also excelling in business. 

In recent years, Darren has been recognised as someone that runs a progressive business, with detailed structure and deliverables. 

He carries his passion, drive, professionalism and methodical approach into, both Hiscocks Electrical, which is the residential division and HE Tech which is more commercially focussed. With strong leadership at the helm, the rest of the team follows in suit. 

Hiscocks Electrical is constantly optimising and improving their service and operations. One excellent example is the , “what could we have done better” meeting that happens at the end of every project. 

Delivered by Darren himself, this meeting dives deep into all areas of the project, looking for small improvements that can be made in individual processes. 

Here’s what `darren says.

“Our team thrives on improvement. Across all departments and deliverables. We involve our team in these conversations to make them a part of the process, and it’s never once let us down.
We strive to better ourselves in communication, operations, deliverables, management, finance, logistics and everything in between. It’s a wonderful way to grow a business.”

Here’s a video created on Darren by an industry leading coaching program, tradiematepro.


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