Electrical Upgrades And Outdoor Lighting Installation For Civil Project Works

Project Duration: 4 months | Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a famous holiday destination in Western Australia, known for its beautiful beaches, adorable quokkas, and a lot of fun and entertainment for adventure lovers. It is located just 19 kilometres offshore from Perth. Surfing, fishing, snorkelling, bike rides, wildlife adventure, as well as exploring the island on foot; there’s so much that this place has to offer to its visitors.

The Island Gateway Project was an initiative aimed to enhance the overall experience for the tourists visiting the island. Improvements were made within the arrival and departure points of the island in order to make the place more family-friendly and welcoming for the tourists.

Project Summary

A reputed civil construction company, CIVCON gave us the opportunity to work as electrical contractors for their civil construction project. This was a 4-month long project where we carried out outdoor and street lighting installation, switchboard upgrades, and installation of power points inside the pillars.

Here’s an overview of how we helped in transforming the Island gateway and making it an even better place for the visitors.

How We Managed The Project

The Island Gateway Project was an extensively engaging and extremely challenging experience. We proudly count it as a milestone in our entire journey serving as electrical contractors in Perth and the surrounding areas.

In order to make the place more pedestrian-friendly, and to encourage the visitors to explore the island on foot, we installed festoon lights and outdoor lights under the verandas. We also upgraded the street lighting to illuminate the trails and other attractions around the area.


We were also responsible for transporting all the electrical supplies and equipment to the Island prior to starting this large-scale project. Since we were working from Perth, we arranged for a barge for shipping all the supplies to Rottnest Island.

The Challenges Of The Project

While our primary job was to carry out electrical upgrades and outdoor lighting installation, it was a complex process. We made several modifications to the plan to best suit the needs, we also handled a number of other services that weren’t included in the plan initially.

Excavation For Laying Power Cables

Before installing the outdoor lighting, we had to perform a lot of hand digging, which was a laborious and time-consuming task. Also, managing to safely ship the supplies to the Island was another major obstacle that we overcame successfully. This could only be made possible with our teamwork, prior planning, and our passion to defeat all the odds that came our way.


If we could start this project from scratch, what would we have done differently.

We have no regrets since the entire project went pretty well. In fact, we consider this project to be a test of our technical expertise and knowledge and we passed it with distinction.

Even though there were a lot of hurdles that came in our way, our team managed to overcome each one of them by making all the necessary adjustments.

The accomplishments we are proud of from the island gateway project

Being given the opportunity to be a part of this iconic project is itself a great achievement and we are extremely grateful to CIVCON for believing in our capabilities as their trusted electrical contractors for this civil construction project.

The Final Transformation

The way the entire team of Hiscocks Electrical worked day in and day out to transform the entire location, makes us super proud of ourselves. After installing the outdoor lighting, the entire area was giving a spectacular vibe, and we were really happy to see the positive change that we brought to this one of a kind tourist destination.


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