Importance of Smoke Alarm Installation for Your Perth Business

Why Smoke Alarm Installation Can be a Crucial Investment for Your Perth Business

Do you own a business in Perth? If so, you must be familiar with the necessary steps required to ensure your property is safe for both employees and customers. Smoke alarm installation is one of those essential measures that can help enhance the fire safety of your Perth business. Smoke detectors not only enable you to maintain a safe working environment, but they also help in timely evacuation of all occupants as soon as a fire breaks out.

Importance of Smoke Alarms for Commercial Properties

If you are yet to invest in a smoke detector installation on your commercial premises, here’s why you should not delay it any further:

Smoke Alarms Provide an Early Warning System Against Fire

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, and many people die of carbon monoxide poisoning even before the fire spreads. By detecting smoke at early stages and triggering an alarm, smoke detectors give you and your employees enough time to evacuate the premises just in time. This is especially crucial in large commercial buildings and confined spaces, where smoke and fire can spread rapidly from one floor to another. However, for a smoke alarm system to be effective, it is crucial to hire a licensed smoke alarm electrician with prior experience in commercial smoke alarm installation.

Smoke Alarms Can Save Many Precious Lives

Smoke alarms are essential life-saving devices. They can save lives, help prevent injuries, and increase the chances of survival by timely notifying the occupants in the event of a fire. But installation is just the first step. Regular testing and maintenance of smoke detectors is equally important to ensure they are in good working condition. Not only does it help protect your business and employees from the devastating effects of fire, but it can also reduce the chances of false alarms.

Smoke Alarms Can Prevent Property Damage

It takes only about 30 seconds for a fire to turn dangerous. Correctly placed smoke detectors play a prime role in early identification of fire, saving your business from property damage and potential losses. Smoke alarms enable the firefighters to locate exactly where the fire broke out, so they can quickly devise a suitable strategy to extinguish it before it can spread to other places and cause further damage.

Smoke Alarms Make You Eligible for Insurance Discounts

Having a smoke alarm installation on your Perth business makes you eligible for insurance discounts by up to 20%. Many insurance companies offer discounts on insurance premiums for buildings with proper fire safety arrangements, as it gives them the assurance that such businesses have lesser chances of making insurance claims in the future.

How Much Does It Take to Install Smoke Detectors

The cost of smoke alarm installation depends on the type of smoke detectors you choose, and the size of your commercial building. But it’s best to consult a reliable smoke detector installation service, if you are looking for an exact quotation. At Hiscocks Electrical, we specialise in installing hardwired smoke alarms on domestic and commercial properties across Perth.

Our professional installers will schedule a site inspection, carefully assess your needs, and then guide you about the best smoke alarm brands to suit your needs and budget.

Call us to book a consultation.

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