5 Reasons why you need CCTV camera installation


A CCTV Camera Installation is the best decision you can make to enhance the security of your home or business. While most of the burglaries and break-in attempts happen at night, there is a chance that such incidents can happen when you are away from your home. Therefore, it is vital to take effective measures to ensure your property remains safe at all times.

Previously, CCTV cameras were mostly limited to business properties, commercial spaces and public places. However, in recent times, there’s a rapid increase in domestic CCTV camera installation.

These days, several security cameras even have motion sensors to detect any suspicious movements and alert you right on time. Having those installed means you’ll be instantly informed if your property is being accessed without your consent.

In this blog, we’ve put together a few reasons behind the growing popularity of CCTV cameras in homes and how their installation benefits homeowners.

  1. Monitor Your Home No Matter Where You Are
    Living with kids, pets, or the elderly brings greater responsibility on your shoulders. You are constantly concerned about their well-being. While you are there to look after them when at home, it is essential to make appropriate arrangements for their safety when you are away for work or running errands. CCTV cameras hence become your third eye helping you to constantly monitor your home no matter where you are. You can always check the CCTV footage from your phone or laptop whenever you suspect anything unusual and make sure your loved ones are safe at home.
  2. Effective Crime Deterrence
    Have you ever noticed people tend to break rules more when they know they aren’t being monitored? That’s the reason we find CCTV cameras all around us; on traffic signals, shopping malls, parks and even educational institutions. Similarly, robbers and intruders often target homes where there are fewer chances of them being caught. Without a CCTV camera installation, your home is at a greater risk of a potential robbery, because the criminal will consider it an easy target. On the other hand, residential properties with CCTV cameras are much safer because the intruders are more likely to stay away due to the fear of being captured on a camera. CCTV monitoring is hence, the most effective crime deterrent.Therefore, in order to make sure you, your family and your valuable assets remain safe from burglars, go ahead and have CCTV cameras installed on your premises including all the entrance and exit points along with the blind spots around your property.A pro tip: advertising it clearly on your property that it is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance works pretty well in keeping unwanted guests at bay!
  3. Insurance Benefits
    Insurance companies recognise that CCTV camera installation makes a home more secure by reducing the risk of robberies and break-in attempts. This was evident from the fact that there were fewer insurance claims by homeowners who had CCTV cameras installed on their premises.The fewer the claims, the higher their chances of making profits. That is why insurance companies offer insurance benefits if they believe your property is more secure, with lesser chances of insurance claims. So if you want to pay lower premiums, go ahead and upgrade your home’s security to enjoy the insurance benefits you have been missing until now.
  4. Help Catch Criminals
    In addition to being one of the most effective preventative measures, CCTV camera installation also helps in identifying criminals in order to bring them to justice. Although there are very few chances of robbery when you have CCTV cameras installed, in the worst-case scenario, if such a mishap happens; the CCTV footage can help the investigators in catching the criminals.
  5. Keep A Check On Your Surroundings
    Who doesn’t want a safe and secure neighbourhood? Setting CCTV cameras around your property will enable you to monitor those blind spots that are not viewable from your windows. This way, you can easily check the surroundings of your home as soon as you hear any unusual noise without having to step outside.Additionally, your CCTV cameras can also record any suspicious activity happening around your neighbourhood enabling you to help your neighbours just in case they are in danger. You can conveniently notify law enforcement agencies and that too from the safety of your home.

The above benefits make it evident why the demand for CCTV camera installation is increasing with every passing day. Along with businesses, countless homeowners are installing CCTV cameras on their properties for the peace of mind that they offer. If you are worried about the safety of your Perth property, contact Hiscocks Electrical today and have your concerns sorted.

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