Smoke Alarm 101: Placement, Installation and Maintenance Guide

Smoke alarms, with proper placement, installation, and maintenance, can detect trouble at the first whiff of smoke, dramatically decreasing the risk of harm in the case of a fire. As one of the first lines of defence in preventing fire damage and staying safe, installing smoke detectors in homes and workplaces is standard practice to […]

Fire Safety 101: Importance of Smoke Alarm Installation in Your Perth Home

Hiscocks Electrical Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms are an essential for any home, giving you and your family an added layer of protection and safety. Smoke alarms provide an early warning system that can help save lives in the event of a fire. Here is a basic guide to why it’s important to install smoke alarms in your home. Smoke […]

11 Things you can do to reduce energy consumption in your home

A few ideas that are good for the environment, and your wallet.

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