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Our Electricians Are Ready To Provide Top Quality Electrical Services To Your Home Or Business In Yanchep

Looking for a qualified, reliable electrician in Yanchep? Call Hiscocks Electrical for professional commercial and residential electrical service. Our experienced technicians provide a range of electrical services, in addition to general electrical maintenance and repair services.

Our Yanchep Electrical Services

In a residence, the possibility for electrical fires increases by ignoring electrical issues that are apparent, as well as those that don’t meet the eye. Have a look at powerpoints, whether wire insulation is deteriorating, and whether your safety switches are working properly. A Hiscocks Electrical electrician in Yanchep would be happy to help resolve any electrical issues you have around your home.

If you own a business such as a restaurant, retail store, gymnasium, or recreational facility, you’re providing a service to the community and have to keep up with electrical maintenance and repair issues. Aside from getting testing and tagging done, you also need to ensure that the smoke detectors, emergency lights and security alarms are working.

Below are some of our most called-upon residential and commercial electrical services by Yanchep residents.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

General Services

To expand on our general electrical services, this includes installation or replacement of ceiling fans, implementing LED upgrades, installing power points around the premises, and electrical appliance repair.

Safety Switches

Replacing porcelain or enamel circuit breakers in old switchboards with safety switches means you’re adding the required protection against electrocution and electric shocks. Call us today to schedule a visit.

Switchboard Upgrades

It’s required for any residence more than 20 years old. Switchboards in houses built before 1988 can have porcelain or ceramic circuit breakers that don’t protect against electric shocks and electrocution, and are deemed electrical fire hazards.

Another benefit of a switchboard upgrade is that you can operate more electrical appliances at the same time. Hiscocks Electrical is currently offering a discount if you get a safety switch and smoke detector system installed at the same time.


If the insulation is deteriorating from the wiring that connects your electrical appliances to power points, for instance, we can replace the wiring to reduce chances of an electrical mishap occurring.

Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement

We can install or replace hard-wired smoke alarms in your home or office, so as to alert occupants against a possible fire, and give them the critical few seconds they may need to escape to safety.


We can install more powerpoints in your home or office to provide you more convenience in using your electrical appliances. By replacing those that are cracked, wobbly, sparking, or heated, we can prevent electrical problems from getting worse, or a fire from igniting.

LED Lighting

We hold that the main advantage of replacing halogen lights with LED lighting is that the latter can lower your energy bill and potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year. Other advantages include a wide range of light intensities to choose from, as well as colour temperatures.

Safety Checks

It’s important for residential and commercial customers to initiate safety checks to ensure the prevention of electrical fires. Hiscocks Electrical is glad to be of service conducting safety checks for our customers.

EV Charger installation

Get an electric vehicle charger station installed on your property by selecting from the wall mounting and pedestal varieties, as well as other options. Our electricians can guide you in acquiring the best solution for your EV charging needs.

Data and Communications

We can design or install any type of data cabling required for your home or office. Ask us about your data cabling options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We offer fibre optic installation, as well.

Building and Home Automation

How about controlling lighting such that different parts of the home or office change lighting throughout the day in conjunction with drawing your curtains? You can monitor the temperature around your home, and switch on your air conditioner or heater where it’s getting too cold or hot. Give smart home technology a try with Hiscocks Electrical.

Security Alarms

Let us install security alarms on your property based on your response to a series of questions including how you want to control the system, and where you want notifications sent if an alarm sounds.

CCTV Installation

Want to increase the security around your home or office? We’re licensed to install, repair, and maintain CCTV security systems, and can be trusted around electronics containing your private data.

Access Control

What sort of access do you want to give each person who lives or visits your monitored premises – residential or commercial? Let Hiscocks Electrical help you with the options

24-Hour Monitoring Systems

Apart from being triggered by intruders, would you like to include smoke alarms in your 24-hour monitoring system? Hiscocks Electrical has a security monitoring centre and works with companies that service 24-hour monitoring systems in and around Perth.

For a Yanchep electrician – and a free estimate – call Hiscocks Electrical, or fill out a web form with your details. We’ll get back to you right away. Providing electrical services to Perth CBD and surrounds for more than 20 years, at Hiscocks Electrical, we guarantee quality and workmanship for any and all electrical service we provide.

Having electrical problems? Call for an electrician in Yanchep and a free estimate, today.


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