Electrical faults aren’t always obvious and easy to detect. But you can avoid them by learning to recognise the signs and handling them proactively. Doing so will protect your home and family and help you to avoid costly repairs.

Your electrical system keeps your lights on and your appliances functioning smoothly – you don’t want that to stop. That’s why it’s so important to keep your electrical system well maintained with regular inspections and necessary upgrades.

How do you know when to call a reliable electrician near you before your expensive printer blows up or your LED lights stop working? Read on to find out.


Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

Does a fuse trip every time you plug in your new air fryer? This may seem like no problem – just switch it back on.

But you shouldn’t do this.

Circuit breakers trip when your electrical system is overloaded. Tripping should only happen on rare occasions when you’ve plugged in too many lights or appliances for a party or when you have guests over.

Frequently blown fuses or tripping circuit breakers are a sign that your electrical system is permanently overloaded and needs an upgrade. Or there may be a problem with your wiring. Only a qualified electrician can tell you the reason and repair it safely.

Frayed, Broken or Damaged Wires

Uninsulated, frayed or damaged wires pose a fire risk and are extremely dangerous. They could be caused by the wiring in your house being old and or deteriorating with age or heat. Whatever the cause, if you notice that your home wiring is messy and overlapping or damaged, get it inspected by a licensed residential electrician immediately.

Loose, Old or Sparking Electrical Sockets

DIYs are not the solution for holding a plug in when your socket is loose. The socket should be replaced before it blows up an appliance or melts because of uneven electrical currents. If your electrical sockets have black marks around them or are sparking, they could cause electrical shocks or fires. There could be a wiring issue or a circuit problem. Call a residential electrician to prevent any electrical damage or safety risks.

Flickering Lights or Voltage Issues

If your lights flicker every time you plug in an appliance, there could be a problem with your wiring or circuit breaker. Take note of when it happens and how many lights are affected. Does it happen when you plug in a specific appliance or use a certain outlet?

Also, check your fuse box for damaged or burnt wires. These minor precautions can help protect your home from potential fire hazards and power outages from overloading. Don’t do DIYs – it’s not worth the risk. Contact a reputable electrical contractor to inspect the problem.

Burning Odours and Buzzing Sounds

If you notice a burning smell in your home, shut off the power immediately. This could be a sign of overheating and may lead to an electrical fire. Call a licensed electrician who will identify the problem and repair it safely. Warning signs of overheating are black or discoloured sockets and smoke accompanied by an odour similar to burnt rubber or plastic.

Keep your home and family safe with routine maintenance and inspections of your residential electrical system. Watch out for these signs and take timely action to prevent dangerous electrical accidents and expensive repairs.

Are you looking for reliable and experienced electrical contractors near you? We can help. Hiscock Electrical provides a complete range of residential electrical services for your home electrical installation, repair, and maintenance. Contact our electrical experts for any issues or information you need for your home electrical system.

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