Why Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are The Way Of The Future

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Electric vehicles have been around since the 19th century. It was only after 2008 when Tesla launched its first electric roadster that EV’s started getting more attention. The automobile industry started evaluating its many advantages, and the general public warmed up for the eco-friendly option.

The idea of having a car that runs on clean energy without fuel costs and environmental pollution became a definite part of the future. Climate changes and the increased awareness of global warming gave further credence to the benefits of having EV’s. 

Electric Vehicles – The Way To Smarter Future

Cost-efficient operating and maintenance costs, coupled with clean energy consumption is rapidly becoming the smarter option for car owners. Even businessmen are slowly catching on to the large scale savings of battery operated cars.

Most governments have also jumped onboard, offering tax deductions for electrical vehicle owners. They have also started installing electric vehicle charging stations for EV owners at rest stops and locations for ease of driving. Technological advancements and mass production techniques have also bumped down EV buying price, offering better performance electric vehicles at lower prices. The modern EVs can cover larger distances with fast charging options and efficient energy consumption.

Market Trends Indicate That Electric Vehicles Will Take Over The Automobile Industry By 2030

The sales of EVs have been steadily increasing over the years. In fact, the latter part of 2020 saw more electric vehicle sales than fuel-powered ones. The enforced lockdowns with restrictions on travel and business activity has seen a noticeable decrease in air pollution. People have started to realise the damage high fuel emissions have on our climate and the environment. It has further cemented the idea of eco-friendly airs being the more viable option due to following reasons

Availability of Personal Electric Charging Stations 

As the production and demand for EVs accelerates, so have the availability of charging stations for your homes or business. You can now easily get an electric charging station installation done at your residence or business for charging your EVs whenever you want.

You don’t need to worry about planning long trips and conserving car energy by using other modes of transportation. Most countries are also moving toward installing power charging stations for electric cars at rest stops and gas stations.

Improved Performance And Ride

Electric cars are subjected to the same, maybe even more vigorous testing than fuel-powered cars and are completely safe. Their torque pick up is also higher, so they deliver a smoother and more enjoyable drive.

Extended Range With Higher Charge Technology

A major concern of electric car buyers was the high charging times. In the past, charging your vehicle could take up to 20 hours. But with the rapid advancement in charging direct-current technology has given EV owners faster charging times. You can re-charge more than 60 miles of charging times in about 20 minutes!

Jump into the future with all the benefits and savings that an electric car provides. Hiscocks Electrical offers fast charging, energy-efficient electric charging station charging installation for both private and public use. You can easily monitor your charge and energy usage with perfectly installed electrical charging stations whenever you need them.

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