Reduce Risk With Smoke Alarm Installation In Your Perth Property

Reduce Risk With Smoke Alarm Installation At Your Perth Property

If you were asked about your two most precious assets, what would your answer be? You are most likely to say your family and your home, without a second thought!

When it comes to protecting these two priceless assets, none of us are ready to take chances. Waking up to see your house on fire can be your worst nightmare, and to prevent it from turning into a reality, smoke alarms are one of the most effective precautionary measures. And besides, if you are living in Perth, having a mains-powered smoke alarm installation is mandatory for your property just like for the rest of Western Australia. However, if you have a concrete ceiling and your house doesn’t have a mains-powered smoke alarm installation, you can also install 10-year lithium-powered smoke alarms with sealed-in lithium batteries.

Why Are Smoke Alarms Necessary?

Did you know house fires can engulf an entire room within three minutes? However, fire isn’t the actual killer. The actual killer is smoke. Smoke inhalation can kill a person in less than one minute. House fires can occur anytime and anywhere without prior warning. And most people fall victim to fire incidents while they’re asleep. Smoke inhalation numbs their senses and they fall into deeper sleep never to wake up again.

Isn’t that scary? Your only way to escape a deadly fire is with a smoke alarm which notifies you as soon as a fire starts at your property.

Where To Install Smoke Alarms?

To ensure timely evacuation, it is essential to install smoke alarms connected to the mains. This way, the smoke alarms will still be able to work even if the power goes off.

Here you need to understand that a single smoke alarm cannot guarantee the safety of your entire property. You will have to install multiple smoke alarms according to the size of your property, so everyone can be alerted in case of a fire incident. In addition, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services recommends linking them with each other in a way that if one goes off, the rest will also go off. This requirement is made to ensure everyone is warned at the first sign of a fire, and no one is left behind, uninformed.

  • For single-story homes – smoke alarms must be placed in hallways leading to the bedrooms. In case of no hallway, smoke alarms should be installed on ceilings close to the bedrooms.
  • For multistory homes – smoke alarms must be installed on every level where there are bedrooms (in the same manner as single-story houses). On floors with no bedrooms, the best location for placing a smoke alarm is in the path that people are most likely to use for evacuating the building i.e. on the wall or ceiling of the staircase.
  • For enhanced safety against house fires, photoelectric smoke alarms must also be installed in bedrooms where people sleep with doors closed, so they can easily escape when the alarm goes off.

Correct Installation Makes All The Difference

Like any other device, the right placement is key to getting the most out of your smoke alarm installation in your Perth home. While it is quite difficult for a layman to identify if your alarms are placed properly, hiring qualified smoke alarm installers can help you in this regard. They will make sure that your smoke alarms are correctly installed, so you don’t get bothered by false alarms or, in the worst case, remain completely uninformed when there’s an actual emergency.

When installing smoke alarms at your property, we will make sure to avoid placing them near the following:

  • Inside or near the kitchen – the smoke from your daily cooking can trigger your smoke alarms
  • Inside or very close to the bathrooms – the alarm can go off while you are enjoying a hot shower
  • Close to your laundry area
  • Near your fireplace or heaters
  • Near ceiling fans and air conditioners

In many instances, professionally installed smoke alarms have helped in saving precious lives. Other than homes, fireproofing your commercial property according to the latest industry regulations is equally important for the safety of your employees and customers.

At Hiscocks Electrical, your safety is our priority. Our electricians are trained and licensed to carry out smoke alarm installations at your residential, commercial, or industrial properties all across Perth, ensuring maximum safety in the event of a fire. Call our experts today!

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