Is Security System Monitoring A Breach Of Privacy?


While security is the major concern of most homeowners, what stops them from installing a monitored security system is the fact that they don’t want to compromise on their privacy. This piece is all about clearing up your confusion regarding security system monitoring and how it doesn’t intervene on your personal space. 

How It Works

Monitored security services provide 24/7 video monitoring where real people watch over your property from a remote location. From basic security alarms to a more advanced technology which includes video surveillance with motion detectors, flood sensors, and fire and smoke alarms; you are free to choose the type of security monitoring that you want.

Apart from keeping burglars at bay, these systems bring you the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe even when you aren’t around them. You might also be interested in knowing that most insurance companies reduce insurance premiums for properties having monitored security systems. You can ask your insurance agent about the percentage of discount they are offering with your monitored home security system.

Common Privacy Concerns

Unlike workplaces, your home is your safe space where you can lead a private life without having the fear of being constantly watched. Many people think that security system monitoring can be misused to invade their privacy. However, this is just a misconception. 

Monitored security systems are designed in a way that they notify the monitoring company as soon as an intrusion is detected or when the security alarm sets off. At that moment, a professional will check the surveillance system to verify the danger, contact the owner and inform the authorities. Some people think that a security monitor is constantly watching the CCTV footage of their home. This never happens.

Similarly, when opting for a video surveillance system, you can choose the locations where you want to install the cameras. If you are more particular about maintaining your privacy indoors, you are free to have the cameras placed only on the external part of your home. However, for watching over your kids or pets, you can surely install them inside. These cameras can not only be accessed and monitored through your smartphones, but you can also control the access to certain cameras so only you get to watch over them.

Therefore, security system monitoring not only provides you with safety, but these services also ensure your privacy is never compromised at any level whatsoever.

Perth‘s Reliable Security System Installers

Hiscocks Electrical is a reputable name offering tailored security solutions for homes and commercial spaces all across Perth. Our experts are readily available to answer all your questions and concerns about security system monitoring and how we make sure you are never left vulnerable in times of emergencies.

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